Test For Voice/Audio Commands on pCloudy Devices

Now a day’s many apps can be operated by using voice commands. For example Google voice search , Evernote voice / audio note etc.,
Now you can send voice command to pCloudy devices while testing such apps
Below are the steps to perform audio command testing.

1) Upload the audio file which is having audio command (like .mp3, .wav etc.,) in MyApp/Data by clicking upload button

Note: if you don’t have audio file you can use the below mentioned website to generate sample audio files.

url: http://www.text2speech.org/

Audio Test

2) Install any Android /iOS application in device which is enabled voice search feature. For this article we have taken Amazon app as an example.


3) Open the application and click on search field and then click on microphone symbol

Inject Audio

4) Select Inject Audio option from Device settings options and select the audio clip

Play Audio

5)The audio file is played at the Audio-in of the device . This way app will identify command in audio clip

audio playing in device audio in

6) As you can see the above screenshot the search text has identified the voice command

update your preferred delivery location

Note: As of now audio command test can be done on limited set of device , You can search for those device by using the audio tag filter in the device page as shown in below screenshot.

select audio

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